Terry O’Brien

Meet Terry


Terry O’Brien here. I’ve been a Lake County resident since 1998 and grew up in Arlington Heights.

I started my career in Education as a Special Education Teacher and progressed into roles of Students Services, School Principal, district administrator, and Public School Superintendent for 11 years.

My specialties are an understanding of:

· Elementary and secondary education

· Teacher recruitment

· School finance

· School labor laws

· Governance

· Effective communication

· Curriculum

· Special education

· Parental engagement

· Technology within the classroom.

I received my Doctorate in Educational Leadership in 2005 and have taught at several Universities throughout Illinois. Most recently, I am teaching Technology in the Classroom to undergraduate students at Northeastern Illinois University.

Being a teacher is a calling. I have been and always will be an advocate for developing and supporting teachers who strive to make a difference for children. Commitment to student learning is at the heart of outstanding education.

In the community, I have served on the Lake Villa Township Library Board of Trustees and the P.M.&L Community Theatre Board. I have also served as the Treasurer and President of the Lake County Superintendents’ Association.

I’m also a single dad, having sole custody of my daughter since she was three. Raising her alone has been challenging, but it’s brought even greater rewards. My focus is always on what’s best for the children and I bring that to both my personal and professional life.

I balance traditional educational values with an understanding of both 21st Century classrooms and post-pandemic needs within schools. I am strongly principled in fiscal responsibility and embrace new technologies and teaching methods.

The election is Tuesday, November 8, 2022 and I hope you will support my campaign.